Tweet-SQL is a Twitter Client for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above allowing you to interact with the Twitter API with standard T-SQL. The forthcoming version 2 of Tweet-SQL contains a host of new features and improvements. Here’s a sneak peek at what is coming in Tweet-SQL V2;

  • New procedure allowing the use of the Twitter Search API. ``` DECLARE @query NVARCHAR(100); SET @query = ‘Tweet-SQL’;

EXEC dbo.tweet_src_search @query, null, null;

[![Tweet-SQL showing Twitter Search API Results](/assets/2009/03/image-thumb.png "Tweet-SQL showing Twitter Search API Results")]( 

- New procedures allowing profile modification. 

EXEC dbo.tweet_acc_update_profile @name, @email, @profile_url, @location, @description, null; EXEC tweet_acc_update_profile_colors @profile_background_color, @profile_text_color, @profile_link_color, @profile_sidebar_fill, @profile_sidebar_border_color, null;

- Four new procedures implementing the new [Social Graph]( API methods either returning data to the user or replicating the data to local tables. 

– Follower ids for the authenticating user EXEC dbo.tweet_sog_followers null, null; – Same as above but copies data to a local table EXEC dbo.tweet_sog_followersTable null; – Friend ids for the authenticating user EXEC dbo.tweet_sog_friends null, null; – Same as above but copies data to a local table EXEC dbo.tweet_sog_friendsTable; ```

  • New procedure to shorten urls with TinyURL.

Shorten URLs with Tweet-SQL

  • New function tweet_fnc_httpformat allowing easier work with datetime values.

HTTP dates with Tweet-SQL

There’s even more to come in version 2 that will compliment the existing features of Tweet-SQL. There’s a feature freeze in place at the moment but what would you like to see in future versions of Tweet-SQL?