This post is part of a series that will deal with setting up a MySQL shared storage cluster using VirtualBox & FreeNAS. This post deals with the configuration of FreeNAS.

Fire up VirtualBox and go into FreeNAS > Settings > Storage. Add a SCSI controller with a 2GB disk.

1 - ISCSI Storage FreeNAS

Added a second disk 1GB in size. This will become the cluster quorum drive.


Go to the Network settings section and enable a second interface. You should have two enabled in total both attached to “Bridged Adapter”.

2 - Network Connections FreeNAS

Boot the FreeNAS VM and login when prompted. You should see a screen similar to below.

3 - FreeNAS Configuration Menu

Enter ‘1’ to begin the network interface configuration. You should have two interface called em0 and em1. Configure them with the following details.



An example configuration is shown below…

4 - FreeNAS Network Configuration

After the changes have been saved choose option 10 to reboot.

5 - FreeNAS Reboot

After the host has rebooted point your browser at and you should see the FreeNAS login screen.

6 - FreeNAS Web Login

Most of the SAN configuration we’ll perform in the web interface.

  1. First active iSCSI in Services > Control Services. First iSCSI in the list and change the slider to ON.
  2. Add an initator. iSCSI > Initiators > Add Initiator. Go with the defaults.
  3. Add a Portal. iSCSI > Portals > Add Portal. The IP Address should be and the port 3260.
  4. Add target - set portal and initiator ids, auth method = None (CHAP recommend but not covered here).
  5. Add an extent. iSCSI > Extents > Add Extent. Enter the following details


  1. Add a target. iSCSI > Targets > Add Target


  1. Add Targets/Extents. iSCSI > Targets / Extents > Add Target / Extent.


  1. Next we’ll setup the Quorum drive. iSCSI > Extents > Add Extent. Enter the following details.


  1. iSCSI > Targets > Add Target.


  1. iSCSI > Targets / Extents > Add Target / Extent.