Just a quick post on my technical plans for 2013…

  • SQL Server 2012 - I moved our primary SQL Server system across to a SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster this year so I can’t see us upgrading for a while. That said it’ll be good to get ahead of the game and start experimenting with it.
  • MySQL Row-Based Replication - I’m looking forward to ditching statement-based replication, with it’s inherent weaknesses, but is it ready for production yet? Time to find out.
  • Innodb Storage Engine- We’re still using MyISAM tables for most of our MySQL systems. Time to start looking at dumping it for something a little more ACID.
  • Hadoop - Yep, trendy Big Data! We archive anywhere from 20GB to 120GB a day from one of our SQL Server systems. When somebody wants to use this I need to be ahead of the game. I’m guessing SQL Server won’t handle it. Hopefully Hadoop can!
  • Nagios - I implemented a Nagios system at work this year. It’s not easy to get started but it’s really worth the effort. I’m able to spot, and resolve, many types of issues before they become noticeable by users. However, I’m sure I can be a lot smarter with it, and I’m aiming to further develop it in 2013.
  • More Blogging - Been incredibly busy this year and the blogging fell off my radar a bit. Therefore I’m aiming for at least a weekly post in 2013.

Happy New Year to all!