To get your point across on Twitter you sometimes have to try and shorten your tweets. This can be a pain for anyone over 30 who doesn’t know txtspk. Thankfully some clever chap has come to the rescue with TweetShrink and I’ve integrated it into Tweet-SQL. Here’s how you use it;

DECLARE @shrunk VARCHAR(140),
		@shaved INT;

EXEC dbo.tweet_util_tweetShrink 'For some strange reason I have developed a tendency to think every new version of Windows is more of a resource pig.', @shrunk OUTPUT, @shaved OUTPUT;

-- The shortened Tweet
SELECT @shrunk AS shrunkTweet;
-- How may characters have been shaved off?
SELECT @shaved AS shaved;

Using TweetShrink in Tweet-SQL

A future version of Tweet-SQL will include this functionality along with a few more cool surprises.